What We Make


Our blankets and quilts are made with flannel on one side.  A cozy blanket is always welcomed by the families and the most popular item that we donate.

Incubator Covers

These two-sided covers are draped over the incubator to keep the heat in and the light out.

Lovie Dolls

These dolls are made of flannel and are used for bonding. The mother puts the doll under her shirt where her scent is transferred to the Lovie Doll. The Lovie is left with the baby when the mother is unable to be there. These dolls are extremely popular and are also used when transporting the infant from one hospital to another.

Sleepy Time Vests

Our vests are used to dress the baby so the infant may look like a full-term baby while in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We make these vests in three different sizes and they allow easy access for any type of lines/tubes that are necessary for medical purposes.


A hat is the first item that a preemie is given to keep their head warm. We make many sizes of hats; this is currently a knit/crochet project.


This is a knit/crochet project, also. These booties are very small for the preemie baby.


This is used to wrap around a miscarried infant. These are made using white fabric.

Bereavement Gown

The Threads of Love term is “Angel Dress.” This is a beautiful white gown that is given to the family that has suffered the loss of an infant.

Baptismal Bibs

These bibs are placed over the infant for the baptism ceremony while in the hospital.